About Our Region

Our Region consists of all local churches in the states of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio that are affiliated with The Church of God of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio over which Bishop Danny L. Carter is the Regional Overseer.  (Click here to search for local churches in these states.)

Our Region utilizes all of the Auxiliaries of The Church of God, including Sunday Schools, Victory Leaders Bands (youth department), Women's Missionary Bands (world missions), Assembly Band Movements (small group fellowships), and the Church of Prophecy Marker Association (properties and historical markers).

Our Region holds District Conventions for each state, and all three states come together annually for a Tri-State Regional Convention, consisting of special services, the boosting of Auxiliary efforts, and the appointment of pastors, district overseers and regional workers for the following year.  The Region also participates in annual Youth Conventions, Youth Camps, Ladies Retreats, Mens Retreats, and more.

Many of our Region's members look forward to attending the annual Camp Meeting of The Church of God, to enjoy fellowship with other members, to join in special services, and to participate in business dealings associated with The Church of God.

For more information about the Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio region of The Church of God, contact our Regional Office.

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